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Do You Have An Amazing Story of Triumph & Survival in the Midst of Adversity?

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Coach Melony Hill, Founder of Stronger Than My Struggles, creator of Survivors Who Thrives, is a survivor many times over. As a Life Transition Coach, she works closely with survivors to aid them in breaking free of the stigma, stereotypes, and shame associated with their pasts and/or illness.

No Matter where you come from, what you've done, or what illness you may suffer from, there is value in your testimony. It doesn't matter what others may think of you, your story of triumph over adversity or life transition may be the testimony that saves or changes a life.

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About Coach Melony & Stronger Than My Struggles

Stronger Than My Struggles heals and educates through the written and spoken word, offering resources, support and services to survivors from all walks of life. 8x author, safe space curator and Life Transition Coach Melony Hill hosts a series of workshops in the Baltimore area including a free weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing for My Sanity, which she named after her book of poetry.

In May 2019, Melony made history as she launched the first ever Black Mental Health Awareness Tour, Crazy Like a Fox: Black Mental Health Matters. The Crazy Like a Fox tour stems from a one-time event created by Coach Melony in 2018. It has now expanded into an annual tour.


Jenny H.

"I used to be so ashamed to admit that I was experiencing abuse at home. It took me a long time to even realize I was in an abusive relationship and in danger. Once I got out, I had this epiphany that I didn’t have much to show for in my life beyond my career .” For Her Full Story Visit Our Site

Tamekia L.

As a child I grew up in single parent household in the projects. I finished high school and then became a single mother of triplets. I went to nursing school with medically fragile triplets. I was in a domestic violence relationship 15 years ago and almost lost my life at the hands of my abuser.” For Her Full Story Visit Our Site

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